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Related article: "Sir... it is important to know all this about Voldemort 's past ? " "A important, I think," said Dumbledore. " Y... is something to do with the prophecy? " " It has everything you to do with the prophecy. " " right," said Harry, a little confused but calm all the same. He turned to go, then another question came to him, and he returned over again. "Lord, I can, everything that Ron and Hermione told me to say" left him Dumbledore for a moment and then said, " Yes, I think Mr. Weasley and Miss Granger have proven to be trustworthy. no But Harry, I I ask that you not ask someone in another repetition. it would be be a good idea when approaching as I do, or think you know the secret of the Lord of Voldemort. " " No, sir, I Buy Acyclovir Uk will ensure that only Ron and Hermione. Good night. " turned again and was almost the door as he saw it. Sitting in an n spindlelegged small tables, Supports many frail-looking silver instruments, was a gold ring engraved with a large stone ugly cracked black. " Sir," said Harry, watching him. "The Ring", "Yes? " Said Dumbledore. " She was wearing when he visited Professor Slughorn that night. " " So she " Dumbledore agreed. " But is not it... no sir, is the same ring Marvolo Gaunt showed Ogden? " Dumbledore lowered his head.. " Exactly the same " " But how is that - Ever wanted to have" " No, I have recently acquired," said Dumbledore. "A few days before coming here to pick you up from his aunt and uncle, in fact. " N "This would be all the time you hurt your hand, then, sir? " Doubted " In all the time , yes, Harry. " Harry. Dumbledore smiled. ? "Lord, how exactly -" " Too late, Harry, who shall hear the story again, good night.. " "Well the night, sir," 6ecnnaTHO flony4w : aHN4eHHblg. flO4TOBbI l fltl (NK, POP / TMAP, flO/1Y 'N f1PAMO CEVI4AC Chapter 11: Helping Hand Hermione When Hermione hasd predicted free periods sixth year the hours were not blissful relaxation Ron had expected, but the times in which attempts to maintain with the many tasks that were set. Not only were studies like exams every day, but had the same lesson